HiLoveteeth is a sonic toothbrush that will effectively improve oral health by simultaneously deep cleaning and massaging gum. Providing a fresher breath and whiter teeth.

HiLoveTeeth You & Me Love Set

RM256.00 Regular Price
RM198.00Sale Price
Color 2
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    Grab 2 sets and save RM 58!!!

    HLT sonic toothbrush 2 sets is priced only at RM 198 which currently free for whole Malaysia delivery. (Original price RM 256)

    You only need to maintain changing your brush head with just RM 15/unit (recommended every 1-3 months)

    Set included:

    2x HLT Sonic toothbrush body

    4x Brush Head

    2x Battery (last for 180 days/6 months)